Review: Hermister Twunt's

Five Stars 10/24/2017

Sometimes words alone cannot express my desire for spaghetti. Enjoying a dish in public usually involves a gawking audience and, on the worst days, extremely rude comments. My enthusiasm can’t be contained when presented with firm pasta drowning in rich tomato sauce. That’s why I love Hermister Twunt’s wolf curtain. The wolf curtain allows me to enjoy the company of my friends and my favorite dinner without onlookers. A wolf curtain can be installed very rapidly, say in about fifteen minutes, upon request. Hermister’s staff courteously erects the rail framework around you and your party and hangs the wolf curtain adding instant privacy for your table.

Dining solo? Try the personal wolf tent and enjoy a meal in peace. They even have a wolf pup tent for kids.

Five Stars 10/23/2017

The food is great and I can wolf it without anyone looking at me. Five stars.

Five Stars 10/22/2017

I had a first date at Hermister’s today. The personal wolf tent helped do away with some of that first-date awkwardness, especially since I ordered spaghetti. I’m not sure if my date got her own tent, but she said the food was good. We will definitely be back, and who knows, maybe we’ll try the wolf curtain!

Four Stars 10/21/2017

Really good pasta at Hermister Twunt’s and the bread basket has THE best rolls. The staff is attentive and are always refilling your drink. Sparkling water is free which is a really nice touch.

Now onto the weird part. At the table next to us, there was a weird little tent over half of the booth and part of the table. I think there was somebody eating inside the tent.

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