Nelson's No-Charge

The twisted pinewood staff cracked thrice upon the flooring of ice and steel.


Sugrano Agholor incanted, his voice carrying through the frozen chamber and into the halls of Icetower.


Meanwhile, Detective Chub Norwood hung up his desk phone as his incredulous expression melted into a blank void gaze. "She's dropping all accusations. It's over". Fellow officers and detectives struck a frenzied chatter. Is it true? How can this happen?

Indeed, Caramel (aka Sugar Tits, aka Starwinky, aka Chase Cutely) stood on a mountain of evidence and could have forever imprisoned Nelson Agholor. What changed her mind? Why did she withdraw her accusations?

Whispers in the frigid night air.

Nelson Agholor danced as a free man in the July snow.

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